Welcome in EM srl

Our story started more than 50 years ago and has blossomed in a very favorable environment, rich in occasions for partnership with the major classic furniture companies, with the best wood carvers, with Italian and foreign architects and interior designers: our roots are in Cantù, in the heart of Brianza, the worldwide known furniture district.

Over the years, our company has managed to weave strategic relationships that have allowed us to grow up, to enrich and at present to boast a collection of more than 3000 ornaments: rosettes, headers, crowns, crests, capitals, leaves and many others.

All our ornaments tell a story. They are born from the wise hands of our master carvers: the first step toward the realization is the creative phase, the drawing on carbon or transparent paper of the essential lines and shape of the ornament. This phase is followed by the true carving in the wood. Carving is a manual art. As with all manual arts, carving intimately retains the style of its author.

Our production of ornaments is truly born from the wood carving.

The material we use for the reproduction is resin: it’s a high-quality material that allows us to replicate the original wood carving to the last details as faithfully that you can hardly distinguish the original from the copy.

Through our production of resin ornaments we succeed in preserving, safeguarding and reproducing ornaments that otherwise will be lost as time goes by, also mitigating the costs and reducing the delivery time.

Our ornaments are excellently suited for the application on furniture, doors, boiserie, glasses, sofas and also directly on walls.

They are extremely easy to install and require no special adhesives or pre-drilling. They can be installed in the field by qualified tradesmen using nail guns and other standard installation tools and techniques.

We ship our decors worldwide in raw state because they are usually finished with the furniture they are applied on. They do not need particular care for finishing: they are ready to paint, glaze, lacquer or be finished in gold/silver leaf.

Our ornaments can be cut, cut-out, smoothed, bended by slightly heating their surface, juxtaposed hiding the joints with a specific filler to create by combining them in a new way, unprecedented compositions. Creativity is the only limit.